This post was sponsored by Invisalign® clear aligners. My nephew and mom are receiving complimentary Invisalign treatment as they share their Invisalign treatment journey.

As a mom, it’s really easy to get so wrapped up in caring for others that we forget to take care of ourselves. When the kids our small, it’s “all hands on deck” and personal goals can tend to take a backseat. I know it did for me. As we’ve emerged from the toddler years, thought, and my kids have become more independent, I’ve noticed that it is still hard to get back into the mindset of cultivating my own goals. Sometimes it feels like I’m just putting out fires . . . responding to one crisis after another. And sure, while field trip forms and lessons and basketball games may not really be a crisis, it does feel like stuff mounts up and taking care of myself is relegated to something I’ll do another day. But will that day really ever come?

Confession: I saw a dentist last year and he recommended that I deal with a tooth that has cracked because of my habit of grinding my jaw at night. He told me I needed to do it asap or the tooth could further crack and expose a nerve. This happened A YEAR AGO. Have I dealt with it? No.

Okay, even more embarrassing confession: I saw an allergy doctor two years ago and did all of this testing and never made a follow-up appointment to figure out my results and what to do with them. And same thing with my naturopath, who tested my adrenals. She’s holding the results and just waiting for me to call. So, yeah. I’m winning at taking care of myself.

I really do want to model self-care for my own kids. I know my own mom has struggled with the same thing, and I don’t want to perpetuate this. If they don’t see me prioritizing my own health, what messages am I sending them about motherhood? So after I write this post, I’m going to make some phone calls and get those appointments in place. (And you guys can hold me to that!)

One of the things that my own mom always wanted to do but never got around to was fixing her teeth. I remember her being self-conscious about how crooked they were, but motherhood, and then career, and then concerns about the look of braces as a middle-aged woman kept her from ever fulfilling her goal. So I’m thrilled that I was able to nudge her to take the steps to straighten her teeth with Invisalign. (My nephew Austin is undergoing the process right now, too, so it’s fun that they get to do it together.)
Here is my mom’s “before” shot. As you can see, she’s got some overcrowding on both the top and the bottom.

Photo May 08, 11 20 42 PM

She had her first appointment with an orthodontist this week. Here’s what my mom had to say about it:

My orthodontist said that it wouldn’t be an easy job, but that she thinks we can definitely do some improvement in your  my alignment, especially on the top. She wants to make sure a dentist clears me for this procedure and that I have my teeth cleaned every 3-6 months during the process. She also gave me paperwork to take back to my dentist and advised me to have a broken tooth removed before scanning. I have visited the dentist and a crown in now in place, my paperwork is signed, and I have an appointment to deal with that molar.I go back to the orthodontist’s office the first week of June for the scan to fit my first set of Invisalign aligners! I am looking forward to my next visit. 

I am hopeful that my teeth will be less crooked, but aware that I am not the easy or perfect candidate for this.  I’m appreciative that this orthodontist is willing to work with me and with my teeth. I am looking forward to my next visit!

Photo May 08, 11 20 51 PM

I am really proud of my mom for doing the work to get this done for herself. It’s inspiring to me, and also making me consider what other aspects of my health and personal goals that I should attend to, since there is no time like the present!

If you have kids, have you found it hard to take care of yourself? Are there any self-care things, health of otherwise, that you have been putting off that you’d like to put on the calendar this year?

ps: If you’re interested in Invisalign treatment, you can request more here.