IMG_1220 This is how Karis dressed herself to go to the park. Soccer shirt, high heels, short skirt, purse, glasses, microphone, backpack. She contains multitudes. IMG_1313 India and I had a chance to see Mama Mia at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. I was raised on Abba so this is one of my favorite shows, and it was so fun to take India for the first time. She loved it. We’ve been listening to it ever since. And watching the mom sing “Slipping Through my Fingers” with her tucked under my arm might have put me into the ugly cry. IMG_1328 We also went to Bubblefest at the Discovery Science Center. I posted about that here but forgot to include the picture of all four of them in a bubble. IMG_1347 I cannot keep this kid in books! He plowed through all of the Diary of the Wimpy Kid alternatives, and then through every Rick Riordian series, and finally a teacher friend recommended the Alex Rider series, which he is loving. IMG_1353 Our friends Matthew and Jessica were in town this week, so we had our mutual friends Chad and Sarah over for dinner. Making pizza is our new thing. IMG_1357 Just like the Oscars except really not at all. IMG_1369 We tried to get a picture of all of our kids together and our boys decided that was a good time to give an armpit fart concert. This is what life is like around here, 95% of the time. IMG_1401 On Thursday I flew out to New York to see my nephew in a play. I flew in around 5pm and out the next morning, so we hit the town after the show and ate All Of The Things. I’m still recovering. IMG_1389 Austin is a musical theater major at NYU. This was also my undergrad major, so I am living vicariously through him. So fun watching he and his friends put on a show, and it made me miss those days. It also made me marvel that not everyone’s college experience involves singing and dancing onstage with your classmates. I’m glad mine did, even if I now have a completely useless degree. IMG_1418 From New York, I flew to San Antonio, where I visited the test track for Continental Tires. I’ve never really been a car person so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but as it turns out I HAD A BLAST. More on that later, but here’s a preview: Photo Apr 12, 2 00 32 PM While I was gone, Mark decided to take the kids on a little adventure over the weekend. Photo Apr 11, 2 25 33 PM They visited Lake Havasu. Photo Apr 11, 7 38 38 PM They saw a drive-in movie.   Photo Apr 12, 3 21 40 PM They stopped at Calico, a ghost town, and got to be part of an old-timey magic show. Photo Apr 12, 3 22 53 PM Photo Apr 12, 11 47 32 AM They also got thrown in jail. Photo Apr 12, 12 06 34 PM And visited a school. Photo Apr 12, 12 04 32 PM To everyone’s disappointment, the ghost town did NOT actually contain any ghosts. Photo Apr 12, 12 31 10 PM I got back from San Antonio bearing the requisite souvenirs. I got the girls some Alamo crackers but Jafta and Kembe got BBQ larvae and a cricket lollipop. They were thrilled. Photo Apr 13, 4 52 52 PM Yesterday, we took the kids to the Imaginology event at the Orange County Fairgrounds, which was an exposition of science, math, and technology. In keeping with their love of gross things: Photo Apr 13, 1 58 56 PM Jafta learned some wood-working skills. Photo Apr 13, 2 14 14 PM India made some crafts. Photo Apr 13, 2 16 14 PM She also played some golf. Photo Apr 13, 2 25 50 PM And they all enjoyed the bounce-houses and food trucks. Photo Apr 13, 2 40 03 PM Photo Apr 13, 2 40 05 PM That was our week!