My Family Stopped Eating Sugar for a Year and This is What Happened | Everyday Health

“Call me crazy, but avoiding added sugar for a year struck me as a grand adventure. I was curious as to what would happen. I wanted to know how hard it would be, what interesting things could happen, how my cooking and shopping would change. After continuing my research, I was convinced removing sugar would make us all healthier. What I didn’t expect was how not eating sugar would make me feel better in a very real and tangible way.”

When “Trigger Warning” Lost All It’s Meaning | The Awl

“Triggers are a pretty specific psychological phenomenon. They are not the same as being reminded of things one does not like. When the term becomes too general it stifles regular conversation because the phrase carries with it, in common usage, the idea that we should respect the severe psychological responses to otherwise ordinary exchanges, and should modify our behavior accordingly. In the case of a severe response, this seems justified. In lesser cases it seems like a word used to make people stop talking about something you don’t want them to talk about.”

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism: | Thinking Autism Guide

“You need to remember that an autism label is just that — a label. It can help describe your child, but it doesn’t define your child. You need to set the label aside, enlist it as needed, and instead hyperfocus on what your child does, and why they do it. You’ll probably have to jettison some lingering hopes and dreams about your child’s future to focus on your child’s reality — but since parenting always involves a large amount of eventual ego-disentangling, assure yourself that you’re actually ahead of the curve.”

My Boring Kids, or Kids |

“I asked them to please do something cute so I could continue to mine them for thousands of millions of dollars on the internet but they refused to oblige. Denying me that, I asked them to do something adorable. No. Then how about something profound that I could transform into a meaningful lesson for my readers to ponder and alter the directions of their lives? No. My daughter just wanted me to take her shopping so she could buy some ear rings. In the parking lot, we were confronted by a heroin addict who badly needed a shot, though his sign requested money for his son’s funeral.”

10 Universal Truths According to Whoorl | Whoorl

“Feeling super confident and cute while running errands? Ghost town. Quick run to Target at 8am in your pajamas, no bra, and morning breath? You’ll see around 43 people you know.”

Increasing Number of Men Pressured to Accept Realistic Standards of Female Beauty | The Onion

“Here you’ve got a generation of boys who will grow up looking at women in the media and seeing flaws here, flaws there, flaws everywhere—what are they supposed to think?” said Hillard, who noted that his 12-year-old son is just now beginning to objectify women and that such portrayals could grossly alter what he perceives as an idealized female form for the rest of his life. “That’s why it’s more important than ever to empower men so they can teach themselves to ignore these ads and images.”

A Farewell to Evangelical Christianity |My Thoughts, Exactly.

“I was taught that because of Jesus, I had the TRUTH. The real truth. All those poor Muslims, Mormons, Hindus and Buddhists. Our loving God will send them to an eternity in a fiery, conscious hell unless I heroically stepped in and shared the gospel with them. I was taught that I should do “great things for God’s kingdom” but then when I attempted to do what they preached I was told I can’t and shouldn’t want to because I’m just a girl / pastor’s wife / mother.”

10 Things Only People From Los Angeles Will Understand | The Yearbook Office

“Well, that sounds lovely,” The King Of Los Angeles opined, “Why would that be a shame?” And Old Scratch laughed. “Because I’ll give you your golden city. But its people will never set foot on this paradise where powdered rock and salted water embrace. The only people who will set foot on it will be people from other lands. Your people will stand at the edge, bloody-nosed and tremorous, and wonder why their God has forsaken them.”