Last month, we posed for some photos for OC Family, and today we’re on the cover of the latest issue! I love the way it turned out. Photo Apr 14, 10 50 11 PM Noel from Bosh Images took the photos, and she let me have the other images we took that day. I love them. 2   I wish that was my car. And our clothes. (Little Freebirds styled the kids.) 3a 5 5a concept4   I’m always happy when I see mixed-race families in the media, because it helps normalize that many families who don’t all look the same. I was honored that they chose our family, but even more so that we were just in a casual travel photoshoot that had nothing to do with adoption. Just a family doing typical family things. conncept6 Okay, we don’t typically stand casually in front of a car in adorably styled clothes, but . . . you know what I mean.