This week the kids and I went to see the Bubblefest show at the Discovery Science Center. We had seen this show two years ago and when the kids saw the signs go up, they begged to see it again. Hard to believe that two years ago, Karis was just a little toddler who had to sit in my lap! The Discovery Science Center has installed a number of fun activities around the show, which my kids enjoyed both before and after the main event. They tried their hand at making giant bubbles. IMG_1316 IMG_1319 IMG_1326 Before the show, the kids got a fun explanation about the science of bubbles. IMG_1336 The venue is set up so that the kids can sit on the floor just in front of the stage, so that they were in on the action and showered with bubbles for much of the show. Between the lights and the music, it was like a rave for kids. IMG_1338 Deni Yang is the bubble master, and comes from a family of bubble performers. Some of the tricks he did were pretty mind-bending . . . he made a bubble cube, a bubble volcano, and of course, encircling kids in a giant bubble. IMG_1344 IMG_1346 IMG_1364 India got chosen to go up on stage to be in a bubble. She was thrilled. IMG_1367 The show was really mesmerizing, and I think the adults enjoyed it every bit as the kids. It was engaging and interesting . . . and surprisingly peaceful. IMG_1373 IMG_1375 IMG_1386 After the show, we stuck around for most of the afternoon enjoying the rest of the festivities. The kids were able to go inside a giant bubble sphere. IMG_1406 These will forever remind me of Juan Pablo but ess okay.   IMG_1430 They also had bounce houses and even more bubble displays, so it made for a fun day. And a couple food trucks meant that we could eat lunch there and then get back to more activities. IMG_1436 IMG_1442 If you are local, I definitely recommend checking out Bubblefest. The show is less than an hour long, but you could easily spend the day enjoying the outside activities. It’s a great destination for families with kids of all ages.

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