A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the premiere of House of Card’s second season. I was thrilled, because Mark and I completely binge-watched the first season and I am a fan. So we got all fancied up and headed up to Hollywood for the evening.

Something you should know about movie/tv premieres: people get all dressed up and then they sit in regular ole’ theater chairs and watch a movie. That’s the part you don’t see. Yes, there’s the red carpet and the lights and the photographers. And then there is a bunch of movie stars sitting in a theater in cocktail attire. It’s very strange. But it’s also fun, because when a character on the screen does something crazy you can turn around and shoot a look at the actor, like, “Oh no you di’nt.”

(And have you watched House of Cards yet? Because OH NO HE DI’INT. That is the look I gave Kevin Spacey from five rows up.)

After the movie, there was a lot of mingling in the foyer as everyone tried to figure out if anyone near them was famous. Lots of craning and peeking and sly photo-taking. Like this:

fall winter 2013 954

That’s Robin Wright behind Charlie. Nicest celebrity ever. Not to be confused with her doppelganger Dooce, who is an absolutely horrible person.

Kidding! Heather’s alright.

Anyways, as we are milling about, I take a quick break to use the restroom, and when I come out, Mark is standing there chatting with an actor from one of my favorite shows of all time. Now, the story I’m about to tell is a little embarrassing for him, so I don’t want to reveal his name. But suffice it to say, if you watched tv AT ALL in the past decade, you would recognize him. We’ll call him Very Recognizable TV Actor.

So I walk out of the restroom and Very Recognizable TV Actor is standing with Mark and his wife, and they seem unusually interested in what he has to say. And as I approach them, Mark introduces me, and they both seem unusually interested in meeting me. Like it’s reversed . . . because we should be more interested in meeting a Very Recognizable TV Actor than he should be in us.  We stand there and chit-chat for a little bit and then walk away. and Mark and I are laughing at how keen they were to talk to us. Is he just SUPER friendly? We cannot figure it out.

We mingle a little more and then everyone starts making their way outside, and as we’re walking out Very Recognizable TV Actor’s wife approaches Mark again. And this time, she shakes his hand and says, “It was such an honor to meet you tonight. I’m such a fan of your work. Really.”

And does my husband correct her?
Does he tell her he’s not an actor?
Does he ask her who she thinks he is?

No. He just says “thank you” with a completely straight face.

And then we get in the elevator and die of laughter, because WHAT IN THE WORLD. We still have no idea who she thought he was. I’m thinking maybe Ed Norton?

Here’s the thing, though. This happens to Mark ALL THE TIME. People always think they know him from something or other. He was “recognized” at his yoga class last night, for the love.

fall winter 2013 961

(That’s my husband on the left and Lyle the Intern at the after-party. We were more excited meeting him than anyone else that night because HILARIOUS.)

Although, any illusions of grandeur we received from rubbing elbows with (or being mistaken for) celebrities were quickly dashed on our way out. Nothing like having a valet pull your messy 2007 minivan up in front of a a crowd of fancy famous people at Chateau Marmont to keep things humble.

fall winter 2013 959