A couple weeks ago my friend Glennon asked some of my friends and I to share our deepest insecurities, and a photo of ourselves not wearing make-up, and we agreed. Because we are insane and Glennon is really persuasive. We wrote out of deep secrets and took our unmade selfies. And then promptly regretted it and collectively freaked out. But as the posts are going up on Momastery this week, this beautiful thing is happening. Women are coming out of the wood-work saying, “Me too!” And it’s so, so cathartic. My story of social anxiety went up today, along with Jen Hatmaker’s story. sacred-scared  

“But here is the worst part: between the total hangover of exhaustion I get from new social interactions and the spiral of shame I tend to go into after the fact, it’s a struggle for me not to just avoid social interactions altogether. When I’m having a particularly stressful week, I will employ strategies to avoid as much social interaction as possible. I’ll skip church. I’ll pick up the kids in the car pick-up line to avoid casual conversations. I will make my husband accompany the kids to birthday parties with their peers. I won’t leave my house. I become trapped by my own social anxiety.”

You can read the rest here. And then you can read Day One here. And then you can keep checking back on this series, because it’s gonna be good.