Photo Jan 31, 6 06 48 PM

We’ve been having a little marital spat because recently I decided to move my iphone plug from a desk in the living room to my nightstand in the bedroom. I like using my phone as an alarm clock, and sometimes it’s relax to thumb through instagram before I fall asleep. Mark feels that this is a slippery slope because we’ve always been a “screen-free bedroom” kind of couple. But I’ve tried excusing this since a) it’s really about the alarm feature which is more convenient than an alarm clock, and b) I don’t watch tv or work on the phone.

I’m curious what other people’s habits are in the bedroom. (Around screens!! Not THAT. Sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter.)  What are your rules about technology in the bedroom? Do you have a tv in your room? If you have a partner, do you feel like the tv distracts from quality couple time? And do you keep your phone by your bed? I’m convinced most people do . . . but Mark is convinced that I’ve opened the gateway drug to the movie WALL-E coming true.