First of all, apologies for skipping last week. I was out of town, and also perhaps underestimating how many of you would be asking for our recap. This one is a twofer, since we got an episode both Monday and Tuesday night this week. And since I’d missed the previous week, that meant I returned home from vacation to SIX HOURS of The Bachelor. But I did it. I watched it all. I hope you appreciate it. bachelor recap overnight dates What is happening in this photo? Are we praying? Singing worship songs? You’ll have to watch to find out. In this recap, Sarah and I do our best not to gloat but I have to say, WE CALLED IT. Episode 2, we were saying exactly what Andi figured out in the fantasy suite. If only she’d been watching our recaps, we could have spared her some time. But it’s okay. Here’s what we thought about the hometown dates and the fantasy suite. Alright, what are your thoughts . . . what do you think actually goes on during these overnight dates? And what is the deal with Juan Pablo?  Is he a jerk, or just totally clueless? Or both? P.S. If you don’t want to miss a recap, head on over to my YouTube channel and hit the subscribe button!