Valentine’s Day: I love it and I hate it. For one thing, it’s starting to become just another one of those holidays designed to make busy moms feel bad because they didn’t have time to take cute photos or arrange a Pinterest-worthy candy bag. And for another thing, it’s kind of weird how we have this one day per year when couples are supposed to be romantic and buy each other gifts and stare longingly into each other’s eyes …even if they don’t give a single thought to any of those things on February 13 or February 15. I mean, being romantic on a day when it’s culturally required really doesn’t count as romance, does it? Nope. Not in my house.

Despite being a holiday revolving around love, Valentine’s Day kind of makes me cynical. And in that spirit, I’ve curated some of the most awkward and inappropriate Valentine’s Day cards that you should NOT be giving to your loved.

  • Valentine’s brings out the snark in me.

You can read the list here.
And Mark and I will be spending our evening on the sofa, binging on the new episodes of House of Cards on Netlfix with a glass of wine and the comfort of knowing that we love each other even without making grand gestures. Especially without, in fact.