Sarah James and I love recapping Downton Abbey, but we decided we might as well stop pretending that we are high-brow PBS types when The Bachelor is our first tv love. I know, I know. The show is AWFUL. Every season I vow to stop watching.  I find the whole premise skeevy, especially the inevitable fantasy suite date where the bachelor spends the night with three different women in some attempt to kick the tires before he buys test the limits of a 10-day dose of zythromax get to know the women on a more intimate level. There are so many things wrong with it. A guy dates several girls simultaneously, who he courts with big-budget dates including helicopter rides, candle-lit jacuzzi makeouts, and overnight dates. Hardly the kind of environment that leads to fidelity and commitment. And then he is expected to propose to the girl in six weeks.  A few days after he shared an overnight date with another woman.  Hardly shocking that few of them make it. And yet . . . The Bachelor. I can’t quit you. bachelor recap Here are our thoughts on last night’s episode: Who do you think is the right girl for Juan Pablo’s heart? Oh, and as promised. Here are some life words of wisdom from Victoria, ready for pinning. Life Quotes from The Bachelor