I’m not doing official resolutions this year, because I’m tired of setting myself up to fail. But I am wanting to get back into shape after a back injury knocked me down last fall. It’s been insane how quickly I lost my endurance. I am truly in the worst shape of my life right now, and it’s really hard getting back into the swing of things when you get winded after 10 minutes of exercise. But I need to push through, and I also need to start taking my diet more seriously. I am really effected by how I eat, and I’ve not been on a good path since the holidays. In an effort to push myself a bit more, I’m going to add a little competition to the mix. My personality is such that a little competition goes a long way. Last year I did a few diet bets through facebook where we all added money to a pot, and the person who lost the most got to keep the cash. I never “won”, but the weekly accountability, the friendly support and smack-talk, and the goal definitely pushed me along. So to replicate this, my friend Roo and I are hosting a DietBet. dietbet-image DietBet is similar to what I did on facebook, just must more organized. And we want you to join us. Roo has hosted a few in the past, and they’ve been yielding great results. (Check out Melissa’s before/after photos + story right here.) . I’m also hoping it can create a fun and supportive community for each of us to help meet our goals. Unfamiliar with a DietBe? Check out this video below. Spoiler alert: your weight is kept confidential. Phew. If you’ve been wanting to make some healthy changes, I hope you will join us! You can join DietBet here. And tell your friends! The more the merrier (and the bigger the pot.) You will weigh in this weekend, and it officially starts on Monday. Roo and I will be sweating along with you. Also, if you join, post your journey on instagram and hashtag it with #freshragedietbet. Bring on the kale photos!