This past weekend was one of the more relaxed Thanksgivings we had. Remember last year, when we were in Peru and I was mugged? No mugging this year. Bonus! Mark’s sister had the family over and it was a fun flurry of food preparation for a few hours. Mark’s mom made this fun turkey veggie plate as an appetizer. Thank you, pinterest! thanksgiving turkey veggie appetizer   Someone decided we needed to boil the turkey neck. Now, Jafta has eaten everything known to man. He’s the kid that will eat a mussel straight out of the ocean or a cricket off the ground. But apparently, he has met his match with the turkey neck. NOT HAVING IT. Photo Nov 28, 1 32 19 PM His disgust in this photo cracks me up. Photo Nov 28, 1 32 27 PM Of course, that didn’t stop him from gleefully picking over the carcass of the turkey as an appetizer. Photo Nov 28, 1 58 24 PM We all wrote down some of the things we are thankful for on a big bulletin board my sister-in-law made. Photo Nov 28, 1 56 57 PM Both India and Kembe said they were thankful for their teacher. So am I! Photo Nov 28, 1 24 54 PM I’m also thankful for family. IMG_0613 IMG_0618 IMG_0624 After we stuffed ourselves probably, it was time for the highlight of the day – a cake baked in the shape of a turkey. IMG_0626 So life-like! IMG_0638 After eating, the kids took a walk down to a local park and did a little sledding . . . Southern California style. The next day, we were lazy. This is what happens when you try to nap around children. Photo Nov 27, 3 36 49 PM We had some friends over for left-overs and arm wrestling. Photo Nov 29, 7 57 20 PM Photo Nov 29, 5 36 08 PM On Saturday we had more friends over, this time for pizza making. Photo Nov 30, 4 25 37 PM Photo Nov 30, 4 27 51 PM Jafta took it very seriously and put every single topping available on his pizza. Just your typical pesto pepperoni olives goat cheese artichoke hearts pineapple tomatoes basil jalepeno special. Photo Nov 30, 4 29 17 PM Mark ad Chad decided to climb on the roof to enjoy the sunset. #bromance Photo Nov 30, 4 32 52 PM On Sunday, inspired by the parade, the kids decided to make their own. India was the flag bearer, Kembe was on drums, and Jafta was a baton twirler who was mad that we don’t have a second snare drum. Life is hard. IMG_0605 Sunday evening we had some family photos taken by Kristin Rogers. I’ve been a fan of who work on instgram and was thrilled she was available to do our pictures. Photo Dec 01, 5 05 26 PM I used to dread getting our portraits done. When the kids were smaller there were so many meltdowns and attempts to crawl through mud. I have to say, it’s gotten so much better. It was really a relaxing evening. Photo Dec 01, 4 12 43 PM I can’t wait to see how these turned out!Photo Dec 01, 3 48 23 PM In all, we had a really great weekend full of family and friends. It was nice to take a few days off and do nothing but enjoy each other.