Yesterday I waxed a little nostalgic about Jafta on instagram as we celebrated his birthday. I thought I would share that here for those of you not following me there. It occurred to me that I’ve never really blogged about Jafta’s adoption story, since it happened before I started blogging. Some of it is here, but I will have to dedicate some time to write more about it in the future. It’s a long, emotional story. Jafta joined our family as a foster child at 6 months old, and we finalized his adoption when he was 3 and a half. Longest 3 years of my life, waiting to know for sure if he would be a permanent member of our family. I’m so grateful that he is. I tell him all the time, “you made me a mom.” What a gift to do life with him. This was the first day he joined our family (at six months old). He spent the day with this look of consternation on his face. A furrowed brow, and a look that said, “Who are you people?” The next day, he woke up cheerful and started smiling, laughing, and talking with us. And he’s never stopped. Jafta is the most compassionate, thoughtful, loyal kid I know. He truly sets such an incredible example for his siblings. On Christmas morning he could see my frustration that all the kids tore into all their gifts before Mark and I opened a thing. While everyone else played with their new toys, he sat and watched and clapped with ridiculous enthusiasm for each gift we opened. That’s the kind of kid he is – also looking out for how to make others feel good. I’m so proud of the young man he is becoming.