I fail at a lot of things as a parent, but one thing I think Mark and I have done well is teach our kids to be voracious readers. (Here’s an earlier post about raising kids who love to read). One thing we are trying to do more of is read together, aloud, as a family. There’s something about all of us sitting around the table or on the couch together getting immersed in a story for the first time. Of course, it can be a challenge to find a book that appeals to our spread of ages and—this is important—a book that also captures our attention as parents. We’ve found, however, that there are plenty of old and new book series for kids that do exactly that. With Christmas break coming up and lots of potential family time in store, I thought I’d share some of those series with you. Over at Babble, I’ve rounded up some of our picks for family reading. 10 Book Series to Read Aloud with Your Kids Read the rest here.