Last weekend I took a little writing/blogging retreat with a couple other bloggers. My friend Tony is an architect, and a few years ago he build a modern retreat in the mountains of Idyllwild. I’ve been wanting to visit but haven’t had the chance, so when we were looking for a spot to stay I suggested it. The place was everything I thought it would be and more . . . IMG_7524 - Copy - Copy Tony did a great job of blending modern lines with a rustic feel.  The house is an ideal retreat center – it’s set up to sleep about 20, and has a huge great-room that is perfect for gatherings of any size. IMG_7530 - Copy This is the view from the living room: IMG_7498 - Copy (2) - Copy These city girls enjoyed watching the sunset over the mountains. IMG_7509 - Copy (2) - Copy If you are ever looking for a retreat center for a large group (or several families) I would definitely recommend this spot! IMG_7522 - Copy (2) - Copy While I was gone, Mark took the kids surfing. Which is the opposite of what I would do if alone with four children. IMG_7519 Karis really likes to accessorize. (They are clip-ons. Please don’t yell at me.) IMG_7486 - Copy - Copy It was my friend Sarah’s birthday this week and my friend Heather was in town so we had a fun girl’s night out. IMG_7586 - Copy - Copy - Copy Heather spent the night and we spent the next day in our pajamas until 3pm just because we could. It was awesome. IMG_7596 - Copy - Copy - Copy The kids have been taking guitar with Dexter Music Academy, and this week they started with drums. Who knew that little sister would be the most enthusiastic on percussion? Related: my neighbors hate me.   IMG_7599 - Copy Kembe had to get stitches a few weeks ago after walking in front of a friend throwing rocks. We’ve been keeping it covered to keep the sun off the scar, and I got sick of the clashing “flesh tone” band-aids on his dark skin. So I went in search of some band-aids for brown skin and lo and behold, they exist! I’m loving these Urban Armour Skin Tone band-aids. IMG_7484 - Copy - Copy As you can see, Karis likes them, too. IMG_7605 - Copy - Copy - Copy DIY grillz. You can pin that if you want. IMG_7537 - Copy