Tracking br /PixelThis post was sponsored by Scoutfit, At this stage of life, I do most of my shopping online. I like clothes and fashion, but I don’t love going to the mall. Many of the malls here are pretentious and obnoxious (I’m looking at you, Facist Island), and walking around a mall is not my preferred way to spend my rare alone time. So I do a lot of online shopping . . . trying clothes on at home and then returning them by mail if they don’t fit. I think it’s much less time-consuming than going to physical stores, and I also think I tend to find better deals that way.  I will often check my favorite stores for sales, and I make use of end-of-the-season sales. Some of my favorite online destinations include Gap, Madewell, J. Crew, Free People, Anthropologie, and Old Navy. I just learned about a new service that helps monitor sales of things you put on your wishlist. Scoutfit lets you designate clothing (or makeup or furniture or anything, really) and then combs the internet once a day to check if the item you want is on sale. Scoutfit then alerts you to the price drop, so you can buy on sale without checking every day.
You can save and organize your entire wish list, shopping list and gift lists, all in one place with real-time prices, I am planning to make heavy use of this service as the holiday season approaches, both for gift purchases and for myself.  I’ve got my eye on some cute threads for the kids: image And a few items that I would really like: image And now I sit back, keep my fingers crossed, and wait for an email. It’s like my own personal sale-watcher. (It’s also a nice place to curate that holiday wishlist, too.) Do you do a lot of your shopping online? What are your favorite go-to stores? How do you currently find the best deals?