I’m in a bit of a breakfast rut. I stopped eating gluten a few years ago, when I realized that without it, I didn’t experience the migraine and mid-afternoon slump I had just about every day for about a decade. I feel much better, but food choices are more of a challenge. Especially breakfast.

After I said goodbye to gluten, I also began to notice that if I stayed away from grains in the morning and had a good bit of protein, I actually felt fuller longer. If I eat a bagel for breakfast, I’m famished by 10am. If I have some eggs in the morning, I’m good to go until noon.

The problem is that, aside from eggs, I don’t have much in the repertoire. My typical morning breakfast is egg whites, spinach, and some feta cheese. If I’m feeling really fancy, I might add some asparagus and tomato. Some days I make a green smoothie . . . but it’s pretty much eggs every day.

Oh, and I never drink coffee. I’m just not a fan. Occasionally I will have some green tea, but I really try to stay away from the caffeine.

What about you? What’s your usual breakfast routine? Waffles? Cereal? Smoothie?  Has anyone else noticed the protein/hunger suppressant phenomenon? And if you are Paleo or some other diet that avoids the carbs in the morning, I’d love to hear any creative breakfast ideas outside the egg box.