The kids have been continuing to take music lessons. This week, the boys started learning bass guitar as well as electric. They were pretty excited. And Mark and I were pretty excited to repeatedly quote Paul Rudd’s “slapping the bass” line from I Love You Man. No one in the house appreciated this but we amused ourselves. Photo Nov 21, 4 01 02 PM It’s possible that I made a YouTube playlist of inspiration for Jafta. It’s possible that it’s called Slappin’ Da Bass. It’s possible that it includes Rage Against the Machine and Primus. Photo Nov 18, 7 01 19 PM In addition to guitar, the kids are also doing soccer class with Lil Kickers and loving it. IMG_0366 I’ve been continuing to try to get our family eating more plant-based foods. I enlisted India to help me cook a spaghetti squash. She was very enthusiastic until it came time to actually eat it. Still working on that. Photo Nov 12, 4 50 55 PM I have my boys sleep in du-rags at night because it’s a good way to keep the frizz down. The girls are always jealous that they have to sleep capless, and have been begging me for du-rags of their own. In pink. As it turns out, you really can buy ANYTHING on Amazon. Photo Nov 18, 6 15 52 PM On Thursday night, we went up to LA with some friends to attend Sarah Bessey’s book launch for Jesus Feminist. Photo Nov 22, 9 41 09 AM   Photo Nov 21, 8 36 31 PM I got to read a segment from the book, which was a huge honor, and then Sarah read a passage herself. It was so amazing to hear her inspiring words in person as she commissioned everyone in the room. If you haven’t yet, you need to get this book. Photo Nov 21, 8 37 57 PM Even Mark is a fan!   Photo Nov 21, 8 17 41 PM We took our kids to see The Lion King this weekend. I saw this play before having kids and remember thinking that I couldn’t wait to take my own kids some day. It was a fun dream to fulfill.   Photo Nov 24, 9 18 21 PM Photo Nov 24, 9 26 11 PM We went with my friend Jillian and her son, who had seen the show and did the most enthusiastic seat-dancing I have ever seen. So awesome. Photo Nov 24, 8 07 41 PM Pre-show shenanigans. Photo Nov 24, 4 43 20 PM This weekend we also had a potluck for our neighborhood. We’ve done this potluck every year for the last 11 years . . . except we had to skip last year because we were in the midst of moving. The kids look forward to it every year and they were devastated. So it was fun to be able to do it again. IMG_0509   Photo Nov 24, 10 01 08 AM Yes, we put the tree up early. I wanted it to feel festive and I’m too lazy to decorate for Thanksgiving. So it’s Christmas. IMG_0511 IMG_0512 IMG_0535 We were talking about how, the first time we had this shin-dig, most of us didn’t even have kids. And now they are almost the size of the adults, and taking over the house. IMG_0544 Why yes, I did throw a party and have the children eat in the garage. What of it?  IMG_0549 It was a fun night of reconnecting and a reminder that we want to be hosting friends in our home more often. It’s one of those things we totally value and rarely do. IMG_0559 It was a full week, and we’re looking forward to several more days of celebrating Thanksgiving. Tiny Prints Cyber Monday Sale