I have mixed feelings about Halloween, from the inappropriate adult costumes to the overly sexy costumes for little children to the child labor used in the commercial candy industry. My kids tend to eat too much sugar, starting at school and extending into the evening, which means they are hyper and grumpy. And don’t even get me started on the Halloween Hangover the next day, which often falls on a school day. That said, kids love Halloween. My children’s friends love Halloween. My neighbors—if their decorations are to be believed—are also big fans of the holiday. We live in a Halloweeny culture, so I can’t just hide under a rock and pretend it’s not something that exists. So over at Babble, I’ve curated a few ways to survive Halloween, as a parent, without losing my sanity, from how to ration the candy, to how to scoop out pumpkin insides, to how to get sticky candy out of clothing. These tips help me. I hope they help you, too. Sanity saving tips for Halloween Read the rest at Babble.