IPHONE PHOTO DUMP NEW The kids had picture day this week. I asked the boys to show me how they smiled when the got home from school. So natural! Can’t wait to see these.
Look, some nights I am lazy and we can feed a family of 6 at Del Taco for $11. Don’t judge me.

Karis is moving Kembe’s mouth to make him talk. Little sisters . . . they can get away with anything.

Karis took a little break from ballet over the summer and she is loving being back.

New family goal: learning guitar. It’s cute because you can’t hear it.


The kids are also taking soccer this year. I found a place that holds classes at the same time for all four kids called Lil Kickers. Great soccer instruction, no Saturday games, and all four lessons at the same time at one indoor location. Score!


The girls were ambivalent until they learned that new shirts were involved, and now they are excited.
We’ve been having a heat wave this month, so naturally Jafta decided to wear his fleece footie pajamas.

The twins had their birthday this week. India took it upon herself to fill out and address all her birthday invites. Glory.

We went from heat wave to rain in a matter of days. Rain is pretty rare in our neck of the woods. Adults forget how to drive, and children dress up to go play in it.

This is what happens when you send money to the school book fair with no restrictions.

And last but not least, I cannot not share this caricature we got at Disneyland. This is supposed to be of Kembe and Jafta. I think it looks like two vaguely familiar adult men that I can’t quite place. Neil Patrick Harris? Brian Stokes Mitchell? Who??