When I was growing up, my mom always made matching, themed Halloween costumes for my sisters and I. One year we went as the three blind mice. One year we went as the sisters from Little House on the Prairie. No matter what, we were coordinated.
I tried to do this with my own kids but by the time they could talk, they had different plans. All of my kids have strong opinions about their Halloween choice. Every year I throw out lots of creative ideas and every year they go in different directions. Well finally, this year, I convinced them on a theme.  
HalloweenCostumes.com let us peruse their group costume finder for ideas, and then sent us the costumes we picked. They have a great website that allows you to pick a theme and then punch in the number of people, gender, and ages of everyone in your family to peruse all the options.
The kids were really excited when that box arrived at our door. (And I was really excited I didn’t have to go into a costume shop with four fickle children.)

And the costumes we chose (drum roll please . . . .)

Star Wars!

India is Ashoka, Karis is Queen Amidala, Jafta is Jango Fett and Kembe is Darth Vader with an afro.

Mark and I will be going as Han and Leia. Except that someone decided they liked my wig more than her own.

They are loving these costumes. I’ll share pictures of our whole family on Halloween.

In case you were looking for your own group costume ideas, I’ve done a round-up of themed ideas for the whole family over at Babble.

Are your kids going as something coordinated this year? Are you dressing up?