Last week my friend Catherine linked to a Gawker article on washcloths, and the conversation that ensued was hilarious. WHO KNEW that people hold such varied and passionate opinions on washcloths?? Apparently, according to Gawker, there is even a racial component: black people are more likely to use washcloths than white people.

Well, folks, I’m not the least bit embarrassed to say that I am decidedly pro-washcloth in the shower. In fact, I don’t even feel really clean if I haven’t used a washcloth. I get that some people enjoy the “pouf”, but I just don’t think it’s all that effective at cleaning . . . ahem . . certain areas.  Also, you can throw a washcloth in the washing machine. Poufs just seem like a plastic cesspool for mold.
Now, while I’m all for the washcloth in the shower, that thing does NOT touch my face (because ew). I usually just splash soap and water on my face to wash it at the sink. I was surprised to learn that many people also used a washcloth on their face, and feel like it’s good for exfoliation. A fascinating point . . . but then you have to keep a separate washcloth for the face . . . right? (Please tell me you’re keeping a separate washcloth for the face.)
Alright, folks. Fess up. Do you washcloth, or pouf, or just lather up?