My kids got the chance to visit Disneyland this past weekend, to experience their yearly Halloween Time celebration. This is one of my favorite times of the year at Disneyland. It feels like the first big foray into fall and the holiday season, and I love the way Disney does Halloween in a way that it scary but not TOO scary.

The kids got to meet several villains, which is a fun departure from the usual sweet princess meet-ups. The woman playing the wicked stepmother was so funny and playful with the kids.

As usual, Disneyland is all about the details . . . I loved these elaborately carved pumpkins.

It felt like the entire park was transformed.  Of course, all the usual draws were still there, including our less-scary favorite characters:

There are a couple attractions that are really fun during Halloween at Disneyland. Of course, the  Haunted Mansion Holiday is taken over by Jack Skellington, from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is one of my favorite movies so I love that transformation. Space Mountain also gets a makeover into a scary Ghost Galaxy.  And of course the Tower of Terror remains the scariest ride in the park (and the favorite of my boys.)

Halloween Time at Disneyland runs from September 13 – October 31.