After living here for nearly a year, our "fixer" is nearly fixed. We’ve remodeled and finished every room in the house with one exception: our bedroom. It’s a little sad, seeing as this is supposed to be our place of respite and sanctuary. But in our home, it’s the room that has been aesthetically neglected.

I started out with the best of intentions, choosing a nice celery green for the walls with big plans to work around that color. Except that the color I chose was less "celery" and more "sage".  It is an awful color of pastel green . . . like something that would have gone with "mauve" in my bedroom in high school. The color doesn’t work, and everything else sort of fell apart from there since I’ve yet to correct the color. Also, we have two chairs in the room that need to be recovered or thrown away, and the windows still have black temporary blinds hanging on by a thread. It’s a hot mess.

I need to figure out some style for this room, and I need to work it around our bed. I feel like our bed is a bit dated (it’s over ten years old), but it’s the most expensive piece of furniture in our home and therefore, it stays. (Also? It’s practical. I use those drawers under the bed every day.)

So, we’ve got to work some design around the Modu-licious Platform Bed that we own. We need two chairs, because we require them for reading and meditation as a place to throw our clothes instead of on the ground. We have white sheets and blankets. So we have a bit of a neutral palate to start from . . . but then what? We need chairs, and I need to keep the chairs down around $200, which doesn’t leave a lot of options. We also need pillows, and window coverings for two windows, which is where we can pull in some color.

Here are some of the directions we could take:


accessorizing a neutral bed with red and bright pop colors
I like the idea of using bold, bright colors. I could use two knock-off Eames Armchairs on either side of the bed, do some bright pillows, and use some colorful fabric for the window treatments.

I’m also tempted to go a bit more neutral, using more ethnic textiles and a knock-off Eames molded plywood chair beside the bed.


accessorizing a neutral bed with orange and black

Another option, using the plastic armchairs in green.

accessorizing a neutral bed with multicolor green

Or the molded plywood chairs in a bright blue, with gray and yellow? (Why do I feel like gray and yellow might be on the way out?)

accessorizing a neutral bed with ye;low and gray

I was also thinking about going with gray and coral. But once I did this little collage with the slipper chair, it occurred to me that they really don’t match. I like the accessories I’ve put together here, but not with the bed.

accessorizing a neutral bed with red and bright pop colors

These are my grand ideas so far. I’ll probably do a light gray on that walls so that no matter what we choose, we can swap out pillows and curtains and still have the neutral bed and walls.

What option would you go with?