Last week I talked about my obsessive search for the perfect wall map for our home, but nothing triggered my shopping OCD quite like searching for the perfect (and affordable) starburst mirror.
Photo May 06, 10 51 22 PM
I knew I wanted to use a starburst mirror (sunburst mirror? WHICH ONE IS IT I DON’T KNOW) in our new living room. We have a weird horizontal window above the sofa and I wanted to anchor it with two big pieces. I love that sunburst/starburst mirrors have a retro vibe, and so I set off to find two of them to go on either side of the window. Except . . . woah. Those suckers are EXPENSIVE. Vintage mirrors are ridiculously pricey but the newer models aren’t cheap either. Especially when you want a big one. Even more so when you need two of them. Here are the more affordable ones I could find:

Most of the mirrors in the style I wanted were upwards of $300. It was getting to the point where I felt like I had seen it all and was ready to just throw down some serious cash, but luckily a friend of mine found exactly what I was looking for at Home Depot for only $35. Who knew?

Living Room with IKEA sofa, Urban Outfitters rug and coffee table, and Target pillows.

So there you have it . . . an affordable retro starburst mirror for just $35, at Home Depot of all places!