What I Want You to Know is a series of
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click here. Today’s guest posts is by Stacey D.

I know, I know,
you’ve heard it all before. Long distance is hard. Long distance can’t
be done. There’s no real shock value behind this sentence anymore. I’ve
heard it so many times. Yet, love will triumph over distance, if you
roll up your sleeves and put work into it.

I met my boyfriend three
years ago when I was studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland. A girl had
stopped me in a bar and complimented me on my shirt. A friendship formed
between us and her friends which resulted in me being introduced to my
boyfriend a month later. The odds of us meeting were slim but our
personalities fit together perfectly. We never let the idea of distance
hold us back from being together. We also didn’t know how difficult it
could be. We just became a couple, as simple as that.

Long distance
relationships do progress differently than most. You aren’t given the
luxury to date and spend more time together gradually. You’re together
24/7 for a chunk of time and then you’re not. You go from consistently
being together, to complete silence. Time takes on new meaning. You
begin to question if you’re living at the airport. I can honestly say
I’m genuinely excited to board an airplane & plan out which movies
I’ll be watching for the seven hour flight to Ireland.
While these
types of relationships might never be desirable, they’re certainly not
without benefits. I’ve been given the opportunity to learn about a
completely different culture. Although Ireland might not seem different
at first glance, there is so much to learn. I certainly never turn down
tea & biscuits nowadays. In fact, when I’m in America I tend to
crave it! In the years since I’ve been with my boyfriend not only have I
been fortunate enough to visit him over 14 times but I’ve also been
able to travel with him. We’ve been to Italy, Switzerland, Northern
Ireland, Scotland, France, Disney World & Peru. Sure, any couple
could save and travel but there’s nothing better than booking a cheap
Ryan-Air flight with him and just discovering someplace new together.

are dark moments, too. Moments when you question if you can do this
anymore. The sound your voice makes when it gets caught in your throat
as you try not to cry in the airport. The endless counting your mind
seems to do. Counting the days until you’re together. Counting the days
until you’re apart. You ache for the nights when you’re just able to
watch a movie together. Email becomes your new best friend. You learn
not to take small moments for granted. Days turn in to months. They pass
by you and you begin to wonder if you’re losing precious time. Why are
you spending so much time apart? What if this never ends? You turn over
each question in your mind anytime your day hits a lull. You try to stay
busy and occupy your time so that your mind will not wander off into
this miserable thoughts.

There is no other man I’d rather be dating
than the one I’m with. For all the heartache that we endure is
completely worth it when we’re finally together. I use tumblr to connect
with others about the strength it takes to be in a relationship like
this. Long distance might be hard, but it’s not impossible.

For us,
there will come a day when we see the light at the end of this lengthy
tunnel. Although our situation isn’t easy, it’s nothing that our love
cannot handle.
I think what most people don’t realize it how much
dedication is needed for a long distance relationship. I have 8,511
emails from boyfriend in my inbox at the moment and that’s only from
this past August until now. You have to learn how to handle
disagreements, understand tone, and read jokes without hearing their
voice. You must be able to talk to one another. Jealously happens,
fights happen, stress happens. But if you’re able to communicate in a
healthy way than you will find a way to work things out. Most times, my
jealous moments come from the friends who get to see my boyfriend more
than me. And once he understands that I’m just grumpy because his
friends are able to hangout with him more than me, he completely gets

And that’s what I want to share. The world is a big and small
place all at once. It doesn’t matter if it’s 100 miles or 1,000 miles.
It doesn’t get easier but it does make your relationship stronger.