I have never had a new-model smart phone. Confession: I used a Palm Pilot phone for so long after they went out of production that I had to buy them used on ebay. For years. I finally converted from the Treo to the iphone a few years ago but I’ve always been a model behind, preferring to take advantage of everyone else’s impulse for new, shiny things by buying someone else’s still-working iphone when they upgraded. I’ve been totally satisfied with getting a cheap, new-to-me phone at a lower price while someone else spends the money for an upgrade.

But this year, my phone contract is at a place where I am eligible for an upgrade, and my old 4S has been giving me some issues, so I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get the new iphone 5S right out of the gate. I have to admit, for all the mocking I’ve done of people who wait in long lines for a new phone, it IS a little exciting to get in on the first wave. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still not standing in line. But last week I ordered the phone online. And when given the choices in color (black, white, or “champagne”) I went with champagne. It seemed fresh and pretty and modern.

Fast-forward to this week, when I’ve seen a litany of videos mocking the “gold” phone. For example:

And then there is this:

So now I’m cringing, wondering if I just bought the smart-phone version of the Ed Hardy t-shirt.
What say you? Is the champagne/gold iphone classy or tacky?