It is as hot as it has been all summer right now, so we are refusing to believe it is over.
We just discovered a local yoga studio that has classes for kids. The family that poses together . . .

Jafta got to try a maple bacon choolate bar this week. Predictably, he loved it.


I ordered the kids’ Halloween costumes a month early from Zulily, because I was paranoid I would forget later.  


We’ve been attempting to learn djembe drums via YouTube. It’s cute because you can’t hear it.

Every morning I lay out a weather-appropriate outfit for India and every morning she ignores it and dresses herself with every accessory she can find.

Karis came out of my bedroom holding a makeup brush the other day, with eye shadow all over her face, saying that she hadn’t been playing with my makeup. So honest, this one.

Jafta read the first Harry Potter novel this week, which was a big feat for him. As a reward, we got him a Harry Potter wand. And suddenly, someone else in the family was very interested in reading Harry Potter.

Jafta has been begging me for a leather jacket and I haven’t complied, so he decided to confiscate mine for himself. He looks better in it than I do.

I was away last week, which means Mark let the kids go to school in formalwear and menswear.

Del Taco . . . it’s how to feed a family of 6 for $13.

India has a new game she calls “restaurant”. It involves her taking my order, making my breakfast, and then serving me. Best game ever.

We are still enjoying geocaching at random times. Like on our way to Target.

This particular score had eluded us for months. I could tell you where it is, but then I’d have to kill you.

Just a tiny little scroll to sign . . . and the satisfaction of a goal accomplished.

I posted this picture to instagram saying that India was bringing the fanny pack back and I was promptly informed that it already was back. And then I lost the will to live.

Happy Friday!