Well, folks, the Downtwon Abbey trailer just dropped . . . a cruel preview to the show that we Americans will have to wait months for before it comes to PBS. (Or at least you suckers will because you KNOW I’ll be getting all McGyver so I can watch it when the Brits do.) It’s possible that I watched this four times in a row, and then once again, stopping at every frame. Who are all these people kissing?
Why is Bates sad?
Is there an inter-racial romance? Is Mary moving on? WILL SOMEONE HAVE A BABY WITHOUT ONE OF THE PARENTS DYING ON THE DAY OF THEIR BIRTH? Where is O’Brien? P.S. Yes, I do realize that I said that I was breaking up with the show after that doozy of a season finale. But we all know that was all talk until the new season come on.