The kids are back n school and we are giving the Bento boxes a go. So far so good. It’s funny how a small change like a new lunchbox can make packing the lunches easer to bear. I love how easy these are to pack. No more ziplocs, containers, etc. Here are a few of our lunches from the past week:
India is my picky eat. She got a turkey sandwich on sourdough, hummus and carrots, almonds, and an orange.
Easy bento lunch ideas
Karis got a peanut-butter sandwich, blueberries and almonds (her favorite snack), sugar tomatoes, a string cheese, and an orange. I am NOT the mom who does creative lunches but I did buy a puzzle cutter last year and it is a very simple way to make the sandwiches a little more exciting.
Easy bento lunch ideas
Jafta is gluten-free, so he’s got some Udi’s bread with turkey, sugar snap peas with hummus, almonds, and an orange.
Easy bento lunch ideas
Kembe went with a turkey and cheese wrap, plain yogurt with stevia, almonds, and kale chips.
Easy bento lunch ideas
Yes, almonds are a common denominator. They love them, and it’s a healthy and filling addition to their lunches. Once again, Blue Diamond Almonds sent a sampling of their newest flavors and once again my kids devoured them. This time, it was the blueberry flavor they were fighting over. And the raspberry flavor. And the salt & vinegar.
Another advantage of the bentos: it’s easy to have the kids help with their lunch, and I get to see what was eaten/not eaten based on what comes home. Of course, being friendlier to the planet is a bonus, too.

What did you send for lunch this week? This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds. Get Your Good Going with Blue Diamond Almonds! image