At the beginning of the summer, I had asked what other working moms did with their kids while school was out. This was a big dilemma for our family this summer. Last year I took on a bigger workload since I had all of the kids in school/preschool, and it was all fun & games until I had to figure out how to maintain my workload over the summer. We were on a tight budget since our home remodel, predictably, cost more than we anticipated. And I work from home, so hiring a sitter wasn’t a great option. Finally, we decided that we would patch together sporadic weeks of camp. I wish we could have done a different camp every week but DANG. They are expensive, especially multiplied by four. I scoured Groupon and Living Social every week, and was able to get some great discounts on a few weeks.
july 2013 001

The girls started the summer with an all-girl skate camp. It was led by female professional skaters and it was just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

july 2013 188

July 2013 308
A local church did an art & music camp as their VBS. The older kids learned guitar.

july 2013 049 It’s cute because you can’t hear it. july 2013 076 Karis was in the choir. july 2013 075 The older kids also did a basketball camp at our YMCA. I was a little reluctant to sign India up because her first foray in basketball did not go so well. But since she has adopted her new “tomboy” persona, she’s up for all kinds of new experiences. I was so proud of her positive spirit the whole week.   July 2013 318 The kids also went to our church’s VBS. I was slightly tempted to sign the kids up for all of the VBS’s in the greater Orange County area, but alas, my integrity won out. And by integrity, I mean the fact that most of them were scheduled for the same week. July 2013 404 Gotta love crazy hair day. July 2013 411 The bigger kids did a “rock star camp” (wrote about that one here.) IMG_5936 I got a Groupon for two weeks of rock-climbing camp for the boys, which they really enjoyed. (This was a posted shot – they don’t usually climb without a harness. Or their shoes tied.) august 2013 194
While the boys were perfecting their climbing skills, the girls did a cheerleading camp put on by the cheerleaders at our local high school.august 2013 166 august 2013 168 Karis was the youngest at the camp so she got a lot of attention. august 2013 169 While the sporadic camp schedule was a little (a lot) hectic, it was fun to see them learning new things and cultivating new interests. If you are a working mom, what did you did with your kids this summer? How did it work out?