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Interracial Friendships Are Not A ‘Struggle’ For Me | Nina Bahadur

I would like to bring a different perspective to the table: for me, interracial friendships — and romantic relationships — are currently not a struggle. I don’t foresee them becoming one, though you never know what is around the next corner. There should always be respect and vulnerability when we talk about our personal experiences of race in America, but I am not willing to simply give up on the idea of interracial friendship or accept the rhetoric of “my people” versus “your people.”  

The 35 Best Times Someone On Facebook Thought ‘The Onion’ Was Real | Thought Catalog

The 35 Best Times Someone On Facebook Thought ‘The Onion’ Was Real onion8 onion1


3 Phrases Christians Should Quit Relying On | Jayson D. Bradley

What can you say when someone says something silly and emboldens it with “God told me?” Are you supposed to respond with “No, he didn’t.” Attributing things to God is one of the largest conversation killers imaginable—the ultimate trump card. It’s hyper-spiritual: In the Christian world, there’s not much more you can do that creates spiritual one-upmanship than implying a conversational relationship with God. Truth is, in twenty years of ministry, the people who’ve attribute every thought they have to God have been some of the least spiritual people I’ve known.  

Strong Is Not ‘The New Skinny’ Because Women Don’t Need A ‘New Skinny’ | Jezebel

But do why do we need aesthetic ideals at all? I realize that I’m preaching to the choir here, but why can’t a variety of bodies be just fine? Would it kill movie studios to occasionally cast women who are built like Skylar Diggins in female protagonist roles? Would fashion designers’ throats swell shut if they made clothes that flattered a variety of bodies rather than just people who are built like coathangers? How about advertisers lay off the airbrushing? How about everyone has cellulite including Beyonce AND Jennifer Lawrence and that’s fine? How about take care of yourself and feel good in your skin and that’s what it is to be beautiful? IS THIS THING ON?  

Marijuana Stops Child’s Severe Seizures | CNN

The biggest misconception about treating a child like little Charlotte is most people think that we’re getting her high, most people think she’s getting stoned,” Josh Stanley said, stressing his plant’s low THC levels. “Charlotte is the most precious little girl in the world to me. I will do anything for her.” The brothers started the Realm of Caring Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides cannabis to adults and children suffering from a host of diseases, including epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s, who cannot afford this treatment.  

Your Help Is Hurting: How Church Foreign Aid Programs Make Things Worse | Forbes

There’s an author Bob Lupton, who really nails it when he says that when he gave something the first time, there was gratitude; and when he gave something a second time to that same community, there was anticipation; the third time, there was expectation; the fourth time, there was entitlement; and the fifth time, there was dependency. That is what we’ve all experienced when we’ve wanted to do good. Something changes the more we just give hand-out after hand-out. Something that is designed to be a help actually causes harm. And so, microfinance turns that model on its head, and instead of going in and just saying, “We’ve got a lot of things you don’t, so we’re just going to give it to you,” it turns that model completely on its head and says, “Every single individual is created by a God who loves them, and that means there is worth and there is dignity and there is ability.” So we go in and say not, “What don’t you have,” but, “What do you have? What are you dreams for your kids? What are your aspirations? What are your hopes? What is it that is in your hand to do?” That changes everything. Microfinance then is the belief that everyone has ability, everyone has capacity, and it asks the question, “What is required to unlock that potential in that community to get them in productive employment?” And so, just real quick, just what that means is we do training, we do financial literacy, we do a place for people to save money, and then for people that are ready, we give them access to small loans so they can invest in their business ideas.”  

‘Yes, I Write About Race. No, I Don’t Want To Talk To You About It’ | EBONY

As soon as Mike learned I co-founded a website called, work for, and frequently write about race and culture, his eyes lit up, and a strange look formed over his face. For Black people who do what I do and happen to find themselves at bars with conservative but “well-intentioned” White people who find out what you do and don’t interact with Black people that often, that look is unmistakable. “Oh sh*t! A smart Black person! I can finally unleash all these thoughts about Obama, crime, Trayvon, democrats, MSNBC, “the Black community,” Don Lemon, and Al Sharpton!

“The sexiest thing in the world is being smart. Being smart, and thoughtful and generous. Everything else is crap.”


A Life In Legal Limbo | Globaltimes.Cn

When Zhu Shuibao found a naked, crying baby in a basket on the roadside one August morning 14 years ago, she decided the baby shared the same destiny with her and brought him home. Although the baby’s skin was dark, it never occurred to her that he might be a mixed child of Chinese and black parentage. When Zhu took the infant to a local hospital to have a physical check, the doctor told her the baby was a hunxue, literally, of “mixed blood.” “I had never heard of the term ‘mixed blood’ for the first 55 years of my life,” said the now 69-year-old Zhu. “I asked the doctor if the baby’s blood was not good as I was worried that I could not afford to raise a sick baby.”  

A White Girl’s Thoughts On Acting White. | BlogHer

I didn’t know what to say to this group of women who meant well and didn’t think they were doing anything or saying anything wrong. I didn’t say that I thought it was probably offensive to excuse black people who are “white acting” as not really black and therefore acceptable. That perhaps fitting into black teenage culture is important to black teenagers, and that black kids that aren’t raised in the ghetto maybe struggle to find their place. Maybe white teachers don’t really know anything about it.  


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The Viral Photo: Nicole And Brandon Wylie | Black and Married With Kids

Hey inspiration can come from anywhere. When we were getting married, that was the big taboo. Everyone wanted to know was I going to walk down the isle covered up cause it was my wedding day. My mom asked me, she’s the one who’s always made me feel the most beautiful in the world, she was just curious if I was going to cover it up. It made me second guess it. So I came to Brandon and asked what he thought. Should I? He said, no, un unh. He was real adamant like why would you do that. Brandon doesn’t like makeup. He’s one for natural beauty. When his reaction was like that, it was confirmation. I chose not to (cover it) on my wedding.