The kids have been home for most of the summer but for a few weeks, I tried to put them in a camp that would break up the routine (and give me a break.)  Last week, they did a music camp.  It wasn’t called “rock star camp”, but that’s what they all dubbed it. Photo Aug 02, 2 16 17 PMPhoto Aug 02, 1 35 08 PM It was pretty cute. They all formed bands and then did a performance on the last day. Over the course of the week, they grew more and more concerned with their wardrobe choices. India wanted to look “fashion-y” each day, so she took great pains putting together her outfits. Photo Jul 31, 8 39 23 AM I can’t even with this one: Photo Aug 02, 8 18 07 AM   Kembe was also concerned, and wanted his hair to be EVEN MORE AWESOME, which we achieved with a little two-strand twist-out. Thank you, youtube. (This style looked awesome for one day, and then looked terrible. Anybody know how to get a twist-out to look good for more than a day? Your feedback is welcome.) Photo Jul 31, 7 57 55 AM Here is Jafta’s band: And India’s band: Photo Aug 02, 2 16 16 PM Photo Aug 02, 2 16 10 PM And Kembe’s band. Photo Aug 02, 1 57 18 PM Kembe was the lone boy in an all-girl band. This scenario would have mortified his older brother, but Kembe is a lady’s man and reveled in the attention. “Rock star camp” was a fun week, and they are all just a bit more motivated with their guitar lessons now.