Usually these questions are frivolous and insignificant (hence the sarcastic title.) But this is one we are really struggling with in our house: lying.  All of them do it from time to time, but one of our kids is really lying. A lot. Mostly to avoid punishment. I will admit, I do not do well with it. I can handle all kinds of misbehavior but lying really sets me off. I think that’s true for Mark as well.

The other day we were so sick of it that Mark pulled out the Bible for a little lesson in the importance of speaking the truth. We’ve also added “honesty” to the behaviors that we go over each night with our star charts. But other than that, I’ll be honest (pun intended!) . . . I’m stumped. I’m just not sure how to address this one.

How do you deal with lying in your house? Do you focus on the behavior or on the character issues underneath? Any ideas for me?