Okay, today’s question is completely superfluous (hastag first world problems), but I want to know: do you keep your nails painted or rock them au naturale? Doing my nails has always been one of the grooming habits that totally confounds me. I have nails that grow very fast. I’m sure the grass is always greener and that many women would love nails that grow quickly, but I find it totally annoying. I would love to have short nails that I can just paint with a dark, funky color, but within a week they are long again. And that dark color on long nails looks less “edgy” and more “wicked-witchy”. I don’t love the look of my nails bare, especially since they grow so fast. Again, I feel like if they would stay short, the natural look would be fine, but when they get longer I like some color on them. However, when I do paint them, they tend to chip within a day, which looks worse than unpainted nails. I’ve bought all manner of nail polish, and they always chip. My nails seem to last longer when I have them painted at a salon, but I am not one of those women who finds manicures to be a “treat”. If I’ve got an hour to myself and $40, I can think of many things I’d rather be doing. Then I discovered the gel nail polish, which seemed like a great solution for me. It definitely doesn’t chip. But it is also IMPOSSIBLE to get off.  And since I don’t have time to go back to the salon (and because my nails grow so fast) this tends to happen: july 2013 150 Every time I’ve gotten gel polish I end up with it halfway up my nail bed before I find the time to get it removed. Classy. What’s your nail routine? Do you leave them alone? Paint them yourself? Get a weekly manicure?