photo dump
Woah. You guys. Seems I’m a little behind on the ole’ “dump all the photos from the phone onto the blog” routine. I just found these pictures that I drafted in late June. Oops! Here’s a whole summer’s worth of pictures.

Our kids went to school until the end of June. It seems like the whole rest of the world was out of school before we were.

The “twins” had their kindergarten graduation ceremonies. At the same time. In different classrooms. So I ran back and forth and missed Kembe’s name being called. I have officially requested that they be in the same class next year, for the parties alone.

Awwwww. Sunrise, sunset . . .

Karis also had a celebration to commemorate going into another year of preschool. We like the celebrations here in the OC, apparently.

This is my friend Jillian and I pretending to be a big deal at the “red carpet” at Next to Normal, which was accompanied by 0 photographers. Except her husband who was calling out to us like a serious paparazzi hound. We are dorks. The play was gooood.

My kids are totally obsessed with that “This girl is on fire” song.  Exhibit a:

Exhibit b: this is Karis’s artistic interpretation of the song on a paper plate. 50% cute, 50% totally creepy.
Here is a picture of Kembe jumping off a swing. NBD.

Here is a picture of their first album cover.

I love this shot of all the kids from our recent Palm Springs trip:

Just a typical jam sesh. Slappin’ da bass.
All of the kids did a skate camp in July. I was so proud of my girls. (And my boys, too . . . but they have always been fearless with this stuff.)

Here is a photo of all of the instagrammers on our Carnival trip: Photo Jul 26, 2 33 11 PM And here is what we looked like to everyone around us: Photo Jul 26, 2 34 14 PM After the cruise, I stopped over in Orlando for my 20-year high school reunion. 20 years!! Man, that feels old. Photo Jul 28, 11 53 40 AM This is the point in the reunion when we started doing some of our old cheerleading routines. Someone take us home, for the love. Photo Jul 28, 12 38 52 PM We got to spend the night at my moms before flying home. I don’t know what is happening in this picture but I think it explains a lot about my family. Photo Jul 28, 7 50 30 PM   In other news, I don’t really know what’s happening in this video but I think it explains a lot about my family.   .