Last weekend we celebrated Mark’s 40th birthday. 40! Man, that feels weird to say. Every year we spend Mark’s birthday out in the desert with some friends. We’ve been doing this since before we had kids and its such a fun tradition – and now our kids look forward to it as much as the adults. august 2013 056 “Things being on fire” seemed to be the theme of the weekend. There was a huge wildfire on our way out. And read on . . . there was more fire excitement at the resort. august 2013 062 The kids think the luggage cart is a jungle gym on wheels. IMG_9503 Mark’s parents have timeshare points that we trade in for this resort, and we’ve become adept over the years at knowing exactly when to book so that we can get the “penthouse”, which includes a huge balcony and our own hot tub.  Grilling with a view of the desert mountains is Mark’s happy place. IMG_9505 Having a spa to themselves is the kids’ happy place. august 2013 077 We spent lots of time at the pool. august 2013 094 And on the lazy river. We took breaks for movies . . . august 2013 081 And golf . . . photo (6) . . . and pop tart ice cream sandwiches. DO NOT JUDGE IT’S VACATION. august 2013 099 The big excitement came when we were at the pool and looked up to see the unit under ours billowing with smoke. The grill had caught on fire and it was blazing. We were worried it might catch fire to our balcony but the sprinklers came on just in time. Of course, we could not stop singing “This! Grill! Is on fiiiii-re!” for the rest of the day. august 2013 115 The kids did a golf clinic on Saturday. august 2013 116august 2013 118 Kembe told us he was “measuring the ball” . . . a technique he learned on tv. august 2013 123 Mark and his friends also got in some rounds of golf. This is the view of their game from our balcony. IMG_9499 In the evenings we had fun talking and reconnecting. IMG_9538IMG_9521 A toast to Mark! IMG_9545 (It’s sparkling cider) IMG_9548 On our last night we took a sunset stroll out on the golf course- a yearly tradition. IMG_9559 The kids like to run around and look for frogs and rabbits that come out as it gets dark. IMG_9562IMG_9582 We also had lots of dance parties. He may be 40, but Mark can still get down. IMG_9611 Happy birthday to my vintage dude! august 2013 079