Our our cruise last month, my kids were huge fans of the on-board kids club. It was a 24-7 party with young adult “counselors” who have a lot more energy than I do. They loved going, and I think they are having withdrawals.

A few days ago, India decided to create her own kid’s club. In our garage. First she hung up signs:



Kids club for only –31 [kids under 3] with coaches of 6 and 8+ [years old] for free! Today! With toys.
I mean, really. Who could resist dropping a toddler child off under the capable hands of 6-8 year-olds? She hung the sign on our wall and stood waiting for parents to drive by and drop off their kids.
I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her chances of customers were rather slim, based on both her business model and my inability to read the sign from 2 feet away. Eventually she decided she needed to go door-to-door, so she made fliers and took them around to neighbors.
Finally, a neighbor took pity on her and let her toddler daughter come over. India was ecstatic that she had a customer! They had a little play time:

And then a little snack time:
Photo Jul 31, 3 49 59 PM
And then our guest had had enough and called out to her mom, who had basically been standing by waiting for that eventuality. But it didn’t matter: India had her moment. A kids’ club where SHE was the counselor.