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Mark and I are huge documentary geeks. My favorite kind of documentary is one that asks more questions than giving answers . . . that leaves you thinking and stretches your assumptions. This is a round-up of my favorite documentaries that had us talking for days after we saw them.

documentaries to make you squirm
Five Reasons My Kids Need To Go Back To School

I’m not sure how Phineas and Ferb’s mom deals with 104 days of summer vacation. We are about 57 days into summer vacation around here and I’m looking at the calendar trying to figure out how we’ll fill out the remaining few weeks before the kids head back to school.

The Songs of Summer

It seems like every summer, there is a song that defines the season . . . a song that takes over the airwaves and brings back memories when you hear it later. Last year it was Somebody that I Used to Know. The year before that it was Pumped Up Kicks.  I feel like it’s too soon to call the Song of the Summer for 2013, but here are some of my top contenders. (What do you think?)


20 Easy, Flattering Summer Dresses

I know. I keep talking about the dresses. I’m just obsessed. So breezy! So carefree! So easy to throw on in the morning without thinking and still manage to look presentable! This is a round-up of great dresses.

twenty easy summer dresses

On helping our kids choose their passion and find their voice.
In this post, I talk about how proud I am that India has been trying new things. And then she sings Little Mermaid. Adorbs.


Ten ways to make your kids’ first day of school amazing