Okay, I promise, this is the last installment of Look At My Vacation Photos. Here is our day in Nassau.

I gotta say, Nassau was my least favorite of our stops. There were three cruise ships at the port and it was very crowded, and very touristy. It was also looking like rain, so we decided to stop in to the Pirate Museum for a bit until the skies cleared up.

Next, we decided to take a walk down to Junkaroo beach.

It started raining as we were walking, and eventually it was just dumping on us. The kids didn’t mind, though, and played in the water as it rained.

The kids convinced us to pay $10 for a conch shell.

We walked over to Arawak Cay to have some of the famous conch fritters. Jafta was a fan.

We stopped by a lemonade and bake sale run by two local girls on our way back to the beach.

The beach was nice and quiet . . . and it was the perfect ending to our trip.

Junkaroo Beach is populated by snack shacks and bars in brightly-painted colors.

You can see the cruise ships in the distance. That evening we got back on the boat and set sail for Miami! Since then, no one brought me fresh fruit in the morning, no one cleaned up my room while I went out, and no one made animals out of my towels. Also, everyone is hungry and looking at me like I need to do something about it. Real life > cruise life.