imagevia Jessie Phillips A facebook friend asked this question the other day, and I thought the responses were so interesting. What about you? Do you wear makeup every day? If so, why? And what makeup do you wear . . . a full face? Just a little mascara? What’s the minimum you will leave the house in?
I wear makeup every day. EVERY. SINGLE DAY. If I’m sick. If I’m on a mission trip to Haiti. If I’m on vacation in Palm Springs. If I’m doing a quick Target run. I always apply makeup as soon as I wake up. It’s a bit embarrassing to admit that, but I really feel more comfortable. I’m certain that if I had different coloring, I might not. If I had great eyebrows and long brown lashes I’d probably do without. But being a blonde with sallow skin and blond eyelashes and eyebrows means that I look “washed out” and uni-color without any makeup on. I’m just a plate of beige. So while I don’t always wear blush or lipstick, I always put on mascara and draw in my eyebrows (which are spotty and white and pretty high-maintenance.) I will usually put some powder as well, because I don’t have great skin and usually need to even out some blotchiness and keep down the shine. BTW, did you know there is a website that just posts pictures of celebrities without eyebrows? (profanity warning). Whenever I look at these photos, I sigh and think that this is how I look in my natural state. My eyebrows and skin are basically the same color so it looks like I don’t have any. I’ve contemplated doing some permanent makeup on my eyebrows just so I could cut down on that part of the routine, and just have to powder and apply mascara. I have a friend who did it and she’s really please with the results. But I’m a bit chicken about it. How about you? Do you venture out bare-faced? Or do you apply a few staple products first?