I’m excited to share about a new website that I think will change the way we shop. Pinterest has become hugely popular in the last few years, as an inspiration site but also as a place to bookmark things.The problem with Pinteest, though, is that the images are not always related to an actual product. So you may see a cute dress you love, but upon clicking you may find it’s from 2 years ago (or you may not find a source for the dress at all). Luvocracy is a social inspirational pinboard like Pinterest, but it adds a shopping component. It’s Pinterest meets Amazon – with even more buying options, which I love because I do about 80% of my shopping online at this point. I love that Luvocracy makes everything on the web available to purchase IN ONE SPOT, from small mom + pop shops to Target and Nordstroms, and you can add any item you are interested in from any online store. It’s like a one-stop shop for pretty much everything under the sun. I’ve been using it as a wish-list of sorts, but I’ve also been curating some of the favorite items I’ve purchased and love. Here are a few of my “collections”: image

(Items where the purchase helps empower someone in impoverished circumstances)


(I’m all about dresses in the summer. About half of these I own, and about half of these I want.)


(I’ve been spending a lot of time at the beach/pool this summer and have searched high and low for flattering suits that don’t scream “mom tankini”. Here are a few of my faves.)

  image (These are some of the clothes and accessories I’m stocking up on for fall. Lots of Old Navy, Tea Collection, Mini Boden, and Shaun White) What’s great about: Luvocracy is that they will search the internet for the cheapest price on any item that is bookmarked. The price listed is the maximum you’ll have to pay. They’ll buy it for you and have it shipped to you, and deal with the returns for you as well. And a fun bonus! If you sign up with Luvocracy through me, you’ll immediately get a $10 credit to buy whatever you want, and then you’re automatically entered to win $150 to Luvocracy.  You can use it to buy back-to-school clothes or necklaces from Uganda or some cute dresses. . . whatever floats your boat. Giveaway rules 1. Click here.  2. Sign up for an account and you will automatically be entered to win a $150 credit to Luvocracy. Giveaway Rules: All members who sign up for an account will automatically be entered to win. Contest giveaway ends July 31st. Winner will be announced the following day.Luvocracy only ships to US. Must be 18 or older to enter.