Right before we left for our trip, we went to an event at Walt Disney Studio Lot to commemorate Old Navy’s new Mickey Through the Decades vintage tee collection. image The folks from Old Navy asked us if we’d be willing to do a little modeling of the clothes for a spot on Access Hollywood.  They interviewed us together and then in smaller groups. I caught this picture while it was Mark and India’s turn.  image   image So squinty! It was crazy hot. image The t-shirt line is really cute – they have a worn-in feel and feature retro drawings of Mickey. Here are a few from the new collection:  

It was a fun experience, and even more fun to watch ourselves on tv a few days later. Jafta seemed annoyed by the whole process during filming, but when he saw himself on tv he started running around the room screaming “I’m on tv! I’m on tv!” What a goof.