In a tragic ending to our island vacation, I stuck a water bottle into my bag at the airport and it leaked all over my laptop. Said laptop will no longer power on. I’ve got it at a repair shop to try to rescue the data (a scenario I am in denial about because the last time I “backed up” was . . . oh, fall 2012?  I have a whole lot of photos hanging in the balance and I just cannot even think about it without feeling sick.)  In the meantime, I desperately need a new computer. (I am typing this from an old laptop that continually shuts off for no reason, which is really fun.)

I went shopping for laptops yesterday, and realized that every new PC laptop is now running on Windows 8, which is a pretty significant change. I don’t like change. But since it’s inevitable, it has gotten me wondering if it’s time for me to make the switch to a Mac. I am constantly being chided/made fun of/hassled for my refusal to go over to the dark side, but to be honest I really don’t get the Mac obsession. I know every loves theirs, but it has never been that appealing to me. So . . . I’m asking y’all to explain it. I’m open, but I still don’t get why everyone insists I need to switch. Here are the facts as I see them:


A Mac vs. Windows ad from the 80’s (source)

What I like about Windows:
1. Windows Live Writer. This is the biggest sticking point for me, because I use this 80% of the time I’m working on my laptop. It’s the best blogging application (I’ve explained why here) and there is no Mac equivalent. It allows me to blog to multiple sites from one place, it resizes my photos and watermarks them, it lets me blog while offline, it handles photos easily . . . I used this program all day, every day. Losing it would really change the way I work.
2. I’m used to Windows. Don’t really have the margin to learn new things.
3. I can get a Windows laptop for about $350. I’m very hard on my laptops. Every single one has died at my hands . . . most from water-related accidents. I have water issues. I’m too clumsy to pay $1000+ for a laptop.
4. I like the parental controls on Windows.

What I dislike about Mac:
1. I hate itunes. Hate it. I have an iphone and so I’m forced to use it but I find it annoying and clunky and counter-intuitive. I know that doesn’t really have much to do with switching platforms, but it doesn’t promote my confidence in the Mac franchise.
2. I also dislike Safari. Again, not promoting my confidence.
3. It seems like Mac is a bit one-size-fits-all and harder to customize. I know that this appeals to some, but I like having a bit more flexibility with the platform.
4. It’s a big investment.

So . . . talk to me. Why do I need a Mac? I’m sincerely curious to hear some concrete answers beyond “all the cool kids are using it.”