A couple months ago I took a trip to New York to shoot a commercial for Happy Family . . . a brand of organic snacks for kids. I use an app called TripIt to organize my travel and I had to laugh at how this looked in my calendar, followed by the next trip: IMG_0519 I’m just gonna shoot the happy family and then attend a conference about killer tribes. Ahem. The trip was much less nefarious than it looked on paper. Happy Family invited 8 bloggers to come and share stories about the trials of feeding small children. We told our stories, and then an improve group acted out the story (with a little embellishment, of course.) Here’s my friend Jim telling his story. IMG_0597 The day I arrived in New York I got to watch Morgan and Jim shoot their commercial, and then I had the night free so I went to dinner with my nephew who lives in NYC and is attending Tisch School of Drama as a musical theater major. Yeah  . . . he’s pretty much living my dream. This was his text to me as we were making dinner plans. IMG_0581 Just singing in front of the original star of RENT. NBD. But first I checked into my hotel. This was my view. NBD. IMG_0584   We had a fun dinner in the meatpacking district which is much more hip and trendy than it sounds. IMG_0586 The next day was my big shoot. IMG_0593   When I found out that the improve actors were members of the Upright Citizens Brigade I got all nervous and fangirl-ish, but also excited, because I knew it would be funny. IMG_0606 I told a couple real-life stories of my kids and the improv actors turned it into hilarity. Here they are, pretending to be my kids who believe that juice in a Starbucks cup is coffee. IMG_0608 My video won’t be posted until next week and I am dying to see it. But Jim’s is live now . . . check it out: This post was sponsored by Happy Family. Watch their facebook page for all of the Bright Side stories.  image