In case you haven’t heard, Google Reader’s last day is today. Womp womp womp. This service was the most popular means of subscribing to blogs and reading them all in one place, and the reason for it’s retirement is mysterious at best But I felt it worth mentioning since according to my stats, abot 7,000 of you are still accessing this blog via Google Reader. So . . . listen up! You need to come out of your denial and make some changes. (That last sentence was mostly for myself.) Google reader is retiring! Here are some easy ways to transport your favorite blog subscriptions to a new service Those of us who are accustomed to reading our blogs in a reader are now left scrambling to figure out where to take our subscriptions. First things first, if you are a Google Reader user, stop what you are doing and go save your subscription list to a subscriptions.xml file. You can do this in your Google Reader settings page. image Once you have that saved, your subscriptions are ready to be transferred elsewhere. My first suggestion is to BlogLovin. (And if you aren’t yet using a subscription service, I would recommend using this one to start with.) It’s an easy, inuitive service that shows all of the blogs you like in one spot. You can log in with a username and password, or by using your facebook account. You can follow my blog by clicking the link below, or by manually entering the feed Follow on Bloglovin Another easy transfer easy Feedly, which will let you avoid downloading the subscriptions as outlined above, and just let you log in via Google. If you are hoping to keep your Readers subscriptions I would recommend doing this asap. It will then create a copy of your Google subscriptions. Sarah James wrote a great post about how to use Feedly. To follow RATM on feedly, click here:follow us in feedly Another reader service I’ve heard goog things about is The Old Reader. It has a really clean interface and it’s easy to import subscriptions. image If you do most of your blog reading from a Mobile phone, check out Flipboard. If you are a Google Reader user and you have sign into Flipboard with your account TODAY then your feeds and folders will be saved in Flipboard. Of course, if you like to kick it old-school, you can always subscribe to new posts via email:   Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner Were you a google reader user? What’s your new plan? Have you found any readers you like that I haven’t mentioned?