image[photo credit] Some friends and I were talking about books the other day, and I mentioned that I never keep the books I’ve already read. I read a lot and have a habit of buying too many books, so my shelves are already filled with things I want to read. I really don’t have space for the things I’ve already read. So as soon as I finish a book, I pass it on. Very, very rarely do I keep a book. I like to set them out into the world for others to enjoy. I’m storing up my literary karma. Anyway, my friend asked what I did if I wanted to re-read a book. She was surprised when I told her that I never re-read a book. I was surprised to learn that she regularly does this. So it got me curious about the habits of others. The only books I can even think of that I’ve read more than once are Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, and Mansfield Park. Other than those three favorites, I really have no desire to re-read a book. Recently, I did consider reading a few books I read in high school just to see if I understood them better now. But Girl Gone? Cutting for Stone? Angle of Repose? Loved those books. NEVER WANT TO READ THEM AGAIN. How about you? Do you re-read books? Or once you’ve read them, do you feel like you can never go back?