Yesterday, as SCOTUS rendered the verdict to both the DOMA and Prop 8 cases, I saw a wide variety of responses from Christians, ranging from frustration to elation. Over at Deeper Story, a faith website where I’m a contributor, several of us shared our thoughts. What I appreciate most about Deeper Story (and why I ‘m proud to be a part of the team) is their commitment to allowing varied viewpoints among Christians:

There are many diverse views on same-sex marriage – and homosexuality itself – within the Christian community. And we believe that the full diversity of the Christian voice is not well-represented by the 24-hour-news shows or online pundits,  so we want to make a bit of space here for that diversity to be well-received and heard. One of the wonderful things about our community here at A Deeper Story is the way we disagree beautifully. Opinions vary widely for our writers and for our readers on everything from politics to parenting, theology to sexuality. We’ve tried to create a safe place here; a place to see your own self reflected and also to learn more about the people who you’ve perhaps misunderstood in the past. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but always, we are changed for the better by listening to one another.

You can read the various responses of the Deeper Story bloggers here.  image Incidentally, the advice column I write at Deeper Story addresses marriage and homosexuality this month, albeit from a slightly different angle. A reader writes in seeking advice for the following dilemma:

Dear Kristen, My husband is living an active gay lifestyle. I  would love help to navigate this part of my life. I want to do whatever we can to both be happy and I don’t want to leave him. Is there a solution for this? Cindy

You can read my advice to her here.