I wanted to share two upcoming events that I will be speaking at. A week from today, I will be giving a TEDx talk at TEDx Chapman. I’ve been a longtime fan of the TED Conference, and Mark and I have enjoyed watching TED talks on youtube for years, so it’s a thrill to have been invited to give one myself. I will be speaking alongside a roster of incredible speakers. If you are local and would like to attend, you can use the discount code INSPRE to get 50% off tickets. image Later this year, I will also be speaking at Idea Camp. The Idea Camp is a conference that facilitates conversations with leading thinkers and people in the field on how to best care for the vulnerable. Previously they’ve done Idea Camps specific to human trafficking and to orphan care. I attended the latter and felt it was one of the best conversations about holistic care that I’d been a part of, and was really helpful in shaping my views on adoption ethics. The next Idea Camp will take a broader view, unpacking how differences of gender, race, mental health, and age influence our approach with others.  I will be talking about adoption, and I’m looking forward to being a part of the conversation. It will be in Austin in late September and if you are interested in social justice, it’s a great event to attend. image